Solar Ash Is The Beautiful And Bizarre Mix Of Journey And Jet Set Radio

Heart Machine, developers of Hyperlight Drifter, announced their second and upcoming game yesterday, Solar Ash. One of several games announced recently to take place in the Void, Solar Ash follows the surreal journey of an unusual three eyed character through “the Ultravoid, a ravenous rift in space swallowing worlds. It’s a place of incredible danger and surreal spaces – a dream none can escape,“ according to head of Heart Machine Alex Preston in this article.

The trailer for Solar Ash exhibits a bit of gameplay and a lot more mystery. The main character seems to have some kind of high tech shoes that allows them to glide across land like an ice skater. However, after a brief scoot through the Ultravoid, the player comes across a massive vista of impossible gravity and mind bending scenery. Solar Ash has visuals like Journey and gameplay reminiscent of Jet Set Radio.

What the story or premise of Solar Ash is currently unknown, but judging by the fantastic visual style and interesting gameplay, it could be something beautiful. You can check out the other gameplay trailer here, and visit the Solar Ash website here.

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