After the Fall, VR Co-op Survival FPS, Launching this Week

After the Fall will launch this week on December 9, according to publisher Vertigo Games. A co-op survival action title designed with VR in mind, it will come to the Meta Quest 2, PlayStation VR, and Steam this Thursday. A Deluxe Edition will be available for the latter two, and a release on the original Quest will follow.

In addition to the launch, After the Fall has a new post-launch roadmap. The first Frontrunner Season will be free to all players. It boasts four new maps, including “Hollywood Boulevard,” a Harvest Run, and “Warehouse,” a PvP map. There will be new weapons, devices, player features, and more, too. Besides the first Frontrunner Season, Vertigo Games will continue to develop and build the world.

After the Fall roadmap Frontrunner Season
The roadmap for the game includes new maps, weapons, and enemies.

“The way the world was when we started development of After the Fall before the pandemic, and the world we are launching it in now, could not be more different. So is VR gaming. It’s grown from a niche market to one that is ready to go big. Our ambitions have grown with it. After the Fall gives VR gamers the opportunity to connect with friends new and old across platforms, squad up, and start their journey. And launch is just the beginning. We plan to expand the world of After the Fall for all players with more content & features for a long time to come.”

Richard Stitselaar, CEO Vertigo Games

Taking place in a post-apocalyptic world, After the Fall includes support for up to four players as they journey through a 1980s-inspired virtual world. Undead, transformed and made especially violent due to the frozen climate, form great hordes of monsters and terrorize what’s left of Los Angeles. You’ll be able to craft various weapons enhanced with the realism of VR. You can check out the launch trailer on the VertigoGames YouTube channel.

Vertigo Games (publisher) and Vertigo Studios (developer) belong to the Koch Media Group. Their previous titles include Arizona Sunshine, featuring undead in the desert sun, and music title Unplugged VR.