The Chant Debuts New Trailer, Fall Launch

Brass Token and Prime Matter have issued a new trailer for upcoming horror action adventure game The Chant. The full-length trailer is the first released by the teams, and the game will come to current-gen consoles and PCs this autumn.

A ritualistic chant at the Prismic Science Spiritual Retreat on Gory Island goes horribly awry. The visiting group’s combined negative energy births a portal to a dimension of terror known as the Gloom. In order to survive, you will need to investigate the occult mystery that has plagued the island for years and protect yourself from the other group members slowly descending into madness from the invasive parasitic creatures. These creatures prey on the fears and bad vibes of their victims, and can be lethal unless you balance your mind, body, and spirit. Run, hide, or fight with a variety of spiritual weapons and abilities to seal away the Gloom and escape from the horrors of Glory Island.

The Chant Woman Energy Beam
Prepare for things to get really weird on this retreat.

“In The Chant our aim is to surprise players with an off-kilter mix of 1970s cult horror and New Age spirituality. As a boutique studio, we have the freedom to try new things and we’re challenging ourselves every day with our first title.”

Mike Skupa, Creative Director, Brass Token

Brass Token, based in Vancouver, is an independent game dev studio. Led by AAA industry veterans with experience on titles such as Bully, Sleeping Dogs, and Gears of War, Brass Token’s team combines a passionate love for storytelling with inventive game mechanics. The studio specializes in third-person action titles.

Prime Matter works out of Munich, Germany, and delivers diverse, immersive games from around the world. The team takes on projects of a wide variety of styles, from single-player experiences to co-op games. It offers a suite of services from production to publishing to both new and established, seasoned studios. Prime Matter is a part of the Koch Media Group.