The Dark Pictures Anthology Studio Releases First Dev Diary in Anticipation of Upcoming Game

In a world run by action-horror remakes and Slenderman knockoffs, it’s nice to see horror games that really delve deep into their storytelling. Making their first big splash in the horror world with 2015’s Until Dawn, Supermassive Games has been consistently producing quality horror narrative games ever since. After making a few games in the Until Dawn universe, the studio has since moved away from the franchise with their newer The Dark Pictures Anthology universe. That is until we find out that it was all part of the same universe, and that universe was the Paranormal Activity universe, and the marketing executives around the world all simultaneously cum in one cacophonous instant.

The first game in this new franchise was the moderately received Man of Medan. While universally liked for its premise and spooky narrator, the game left much to be desired in gameplay and bullshit twist ending. As Man of Medan was supposed to be the first of a rather bold 8-part series for The Dark Pictures Anthology, many hoped that the folks at Supermassive Games would take the fan criticism as a roadmap for future improvement. Luckily, it seems that SupermassiveGames is doing just that. Yesterday, the studio behind The Dark Pictures Anthology released their first dev diary video. Hosted by CEO of Supernatural Games Pete Samuels, the dev diary sets the stage both for newcomers to the series as well as returning Man of Medan fans. As each installment in The Dark Pictures is its own self-contained story, this first diary focused on what we could expect to see in the newest chapter, Little Hope.

As Pete explains, Little Hope takes place in the town of, you guessed it, Little Hope. There are two parallel narratives in this game, one in the present day, and one during the time of the Salem Witch Trials. As this is a cinematic series, the dev diary does not go much into the specifics of the story, but we can hazard a guess. The town has an understandable dark past, with many non-witches burned at the stake, and presumably non-non-witches doing their typical witchy deeds. 

You can find out more about The Dark Pictures Anthology by visiting their website here. And you can subscribe to their channel on Youtube here to keep up with any future dev diaries. 

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