The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature Out on Consoles Today

The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature is out today on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, according to ARTE France, Hidden Trap, and La Belle Games. Become Dr. Frankenstein’s creation, the monster himself, and begin a journey of self-discovery. Based on Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel, the game originally released on Steam in October 2019, garnering praise for its painterly aesthetic and story design.

Every event in the creation’s journey, you’ll encounter something that shapes your ultimate path. For better or worse, they will lead you to the truth of your existence. Whether you can handle it is another story. There are many different experience the Creature can have, culminating in one of five different endings. The landscapes take inspiration from 19th century paintings, now in 4K for consoles. Depending on the creature’s mood and outlook, the environment shifts its tone to match. Will you find what it means to be alive, or succumb to humanity’s cruelty?

The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature Deer
Yes, it seems you can pet the, uh, deer in this dark romanticism game.

The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature takes inspiration from the idea that the Creature is an innocent being. As a blank slate, you’ll learn about who gave you life and what it means as you travel across Europe. Contrast the popular idea, that of a cold-hearted killer or a complete child, with the source novel. Shelley’s work depicts the Creature as an intellectual, thoughtful creature judged by society for his uncanny, unsettling appearance. It’s a combination of tragedy and rejection that drives theCreature to kill his creator in the book. La Belle Games and ARTE France seek to tell the story in a more sensitive way, true to the themes of Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.

ARTE France is a European cultural TV and digital channel. It helped produce and publish The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature on Steam.

La Belle Games is a French studio. Founded by a trio of developers, it seeks to push the boundaries of the medium with games that entertain and inspire thoughtful introspection.

Hidden Trap publishes indie games, specializing in porting PC titles to consoles. It handles QA, certification processes, and marketing to bring these games to wider audiences.