Fight Like Heck In The New Retro FPS Hell Hunt

It’s a tale as old as time. The demons hunt, create demon hunters, who then hunt demons. The circle of life. Hell Hunt was one of the many games on display during the first day of Realms Deep. Created by indie dev T19 Games, Hell Hunt is a retro FPS inspired by shooters like Quake and Blood that was on display for Realms Deep. In it, you play a scorned demon hunter, out for blood.

The Hell Hunt style may be retro, but there are a bunch of new mechanics as well. Bullet time where everything except you slows down, throwing katanas (which seems like a waste, but also super cool), and other abilities like a dash were shown in the gameplay video. Fear not, retro purists. There will still be tons of secrets, tons of item pickups, and all your favorite old school level design.

Hell Hunt does not have a release date yet, but you can try out the demo on by clicking here. And be sure to wishlist the game on Steam by clicking here

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