Switch owners are in for an extra large dose of undead action, as the acclaimed Zombie Army Trilogy has now launched on the system. Developed and published by Rebellion Developments, this release includes remasters of both original Nazi Zombie Army and Nazi Zombie Army 2, as well as a brand new Zombie Army 3 chapter. That’s three whole story campaigns for the price of one, so you really can’t go wrong with Zombie Army Trilogy.

If you’re a fan of Rebellion’s Sniper Elite series, you’ll already have a strong indication of how Zombie Army Trilogy plays. While you have the option of taking out your enemies in up close an personal combat, it’s heavily encouraged to dispatch your foes from a safe distance using your trusty sniper scope, with particularly well-placed shots resulting in brilliantly gruesome X-ray kill cam animations. 

As well as the story campaigns, there are also plenty of multiplayer options, because killing zombies with friends will never get old. The online co-op can be played by up to four players at any given time, and with a wealth of customisable weapons at your disposal, you won’t be running out of methods to wipe out the waves of zombies you’ll be encountering throughout the fifteen missions on offer. With everything from firearms to explosives at your disposal, fighting your way through hoards of the living dead on your own or with friends should be an absolute blast.

And best of all, you get to kill Hitler. And any game which lets you kill Hitler is worth it’s price tag, if you ask us. So if you’re a Switch owner, you need to head over to the eShop now to purchase Zombie Army Trilogy for $34.99. Because Hitler won’t be killing himself this time, so it’s up to you to send him back to Hell where he belongs.

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