Experience Resident Evil 3 In Janky First-Person With Fan Mod

If you’ve played Resident Evil 3 (or read our wonderfully written and very accurate review), then you’ll know that the game starts with a first-person look at Jill Valentine’s apartment. Conjuring up memories of the superlative Resident Evil 7, you might have found yourself wishing that you could have played the whole game like that. Well, now you can! It’s just kinda janky.

From modder extraordinaire Praydog, this new mod will allow you to play through Resident Evil 3 in the first-person. Well, I say “new mod,” but it’s actually just a rework of his Resident Evil 2 first-person mod. Experience all the horror up close and personal. The game looks remarkably good in this perspective, despite being created for the third-person camera. That being said, there are some obvious shortcomings. There isn’t a way to aim down your sights, so there’s a lot of guesswork in where your shots will land. There are also some clipping issues, with your arms just kind of ending and enemies flowing through you. Still, it looks good enough to fool me that it’s an actual bonus mode for the game.

The mod is also unabashedly old-school, requiring you to replace some files to get it to work. This is nothing new for old farts like me, but those of you who have gotten used to the Steam workshop and well-managed mod launchers are in for some work. But if you’re willing to put in the work to get it to launch, it’s a pretty fun way to see all the sights. You can download it from the mod’s GitHub page by clicking here. It should go without saying this is for PC gamers only. You’ll need to own Resident Evil 3 to play it, which you can get on Steam by clicking here.

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