Leaked The Last of Us Part II Footage Features Guitar Simulator Minigame

I’m putting this clip in the body text out of the high likelihood it’ll be removed in just a few days and make the article screw up.

With The Last of Us Part II being delayed until Sony decides it’s cool to hang again, plenty of gamers have been feeling like singing the blues. Thankfully, the new The Last of Us Part II footage shows that they will have the chance when the game launches. The footage above leaked yesterday, originally on YouTube. I went to the bathroom, came back to write the article, and it was already taken down. So I am posting this today after a new source for one of the two clips emerged. Watch it while you can, because chances are Sony will try to scrub it from the net again.

There isn’t much to see in the new footage. We get Ellie waking up and then she plays the guitar. The guitar playing action is done by selecting a chord with the buttons and then strumming on the touch-pad. It’s pretty basic, but I’m willing to bet someone will upload a video of them playing Through the Fire and the Flames within a month of release. In the clip not featured here, we got to see Ellie riding around on a horse. The audio was pretty bad, so clearly it was a work in progress.

It’s unclear whether this footage was leaked intentionally by someone at Naughy Dog upset over the delay or was scheduled to be revealed around this time and someone forgot to pull the distribution. With The Last of Us Part II originally slated to release on May 29th, they must have had some kind of marketing plan leading up to launch. We’ll just have to wait and see if anything else juicy slips through the cracks.

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