Zombie Survival RPG Dead Age 2 Announced For June 3rd Release

You don’t normally hear the phrase “horror” and “turn-based RPG” in the same sentence. Unless of course you’re talking about Silent Dreams’ 2016 Dead Age. A wonderful blend of genres, Dead Age managed to take the typically slow and dry Final Fantasy style classic RPG battle system and spice it up with zombies. Normally horror means running and hiding. But the horror in Dead Age came from challenging encounters, resource management, and perma-death.

With Dead Age 2, Silent Dreams is trying to expand on what players loved about the first game. There’s an all-new story, an open-world map, a revamped combat system, and a new upgradable 3D base to give you something worth fighting for. Here’s more info from the Official Press Release:

Dead Age 2 follows a group of determined survivors who have fled to Freedom City in search of a cure for the plague that triggered the zombie apocalypse ten years ago. Join them on their journey for survival as they complete quests, scavenge valuable resources, and build up their base to live long enough to see the world at peace. Tense turn-based tactical combat against gangs of looters and hordes of brain-devouring monsters can result in death for their character — permanently — while unlocking persistent upgrades can bring hope for the future of the weary group of survivors. With a branching storyline and six unique endings, every decision made counts as the player’s group must befriend other survivors, navigate difficult choices, and maybe even find romance along the way.

Building on the strengths of the original Dead Age — which currently has a “Very Positive” rating from more than 3,000 “Positive” reviews on Steam — players can expect improvements across the board to the mechanics that drew thousands of players to the franchise. Dead Age 2 introduces a new, open-world where players can explore unique indoor and outdoor environments, and additional exciting ways to reach over 80 locations including boats, trains, and other vehicles for faster travel. A new, advanced combat system will make the survivors a deadly match against enemies, and an upgradeable 3D base will provide players with the tools they need to survive and thrive, such as a crafting room for creating helpful items and a radio station to help them locate essential supplies.

So if you’re a fan of the first or want to see a new take on the zombie genre, check out Dead Age 2 when it launches into Early Access on June 3rd. You can click here to check out the game’s Steam page and find out more and add it to your wishlist.

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