SALT AND SANCTUARY Finally Heading To Xbox One Next Month

If you’re tired of cutesy 2D platformers and enjoy a bit more brutality in your sidescrolling, you might be interested to learn that the gruesome Salt and Sanctuary will finally be heading to Xbox One on February 6. The acclaimed Soulslike was developed and published by Ska Studios, and is already available on PC, PS4, Vita, and Switch. Across those systems, it has accumulated over 900,000 downloads, so we can expect the Xbox One release to help it hit one million. Spanish developer BlitWorks helped out with the Xbox One port.

Salt and Sanctuary takes place on a haunted isle filled with vengeful spirits hungry for your blood. After washing ashore when your ship is attacked by a creature lurking in the ocean depths, you encounter a mysterious old man who grants you the mantle of the Saltborn, and from there, your adventure begins. But keep in mind that with this being a Dark Souls-inspired adventure, you can expect to die a ton of times throughout your journey, although you’ll have an impressive arsenal of fully upgradable weapons and spells to use against your foes. If you’re not brave enough to go on this journey alone, rest assured that there will also be a dedicated co-op mode, so you and a friend can both die a series of increasingly violent deaths. There will be no fewer than twenty boss fights, so you’ll need all the help you can get.

We awarded a perfect Salt and Sanctuary a perfect score when we reviewed it back in 2016, so if you’re an Xbox One owner, this is a game which should definitely be on your radar.

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