5 Great Horror Games By Latinx Developers (PY & ARG Edition)

Do you guys and gals remember when I talked about Guaraní mythology? I remember it like it was last week (it was). One thing I realized while working on that article, though, is that Latinx developers are no strangers to the danger. We’ve been developing horror games for a while. Want proof? Here are 5 great horror games by Latinx developers. Today’s article will focus on Argentinian and Paraguayan developers. More countries to follow!

Malavisión: The Beginning

We’ve talked about Malavisión before, having interviewed Waraní Studios, the dev team behind it. But it bears mentioning again, because Waraní will become the first studio in Paraguayan history to release a game on a Nintendo platform. Published by Badland Publishing, The Origin: Blind Maid is a full remake + remaster + rethink of Malavisión. The Origin: Blind Maid is set to release on Q2, 2021. But you can play the original on Steam right now. Solid way to spend 5 bucks.

Project Nightmares

Setting itself apart by its core design, Project Nightmares is an interesting experience. It’s first-person survival horror at its core, but while the level layouts are semi-constant, the “scares” are procedurally generated. So you never know what will happen, or when. Pretty novel take on a somewhat tired genre, Project Nightmares definitely deserves a place on our list of 5 great horror games by Latinx developers.

Pombero: The Lord of the Night

This is another one we’ve talked about before. I spoke to Fhay Alonso, the developer behind Inside Studios, last year. The game was since been released, and a major update to fix a lot of the game’s issues is already well on its way. Pombero: The Lord of the Night tells the story of a pretty famous Paraguayan legend, so for those looking to learn a bit about Paraguayan folklore while getting scared witless, this is a great way to go. Pretty affordable, too.


We highlighted the studio behind Doorways a while back. Being the first is never easy, but Saibot have been able to live up to their legendary name by being the first Argentinian studio to make it to E3. Doorways is a pretty chilling experience, and what’s more, it’s available on a multitude of platforms. Steam link for a free demo below, but feel free to visit their website for more options.


A total legend. This is the Fez of Latin American horror games. In development for over a decade, NoseBound is a horror noir point-and-click adventure by Argentinian developers Quarantine Interactive. The studio (and the game) has been through a lot over the years. Currently, both the adventure community and the Latinx gaming community are less-than-patiently waiting for NoseBound‘s release, as it’s been quite a while since it was announced. It also had a funding round on Kickstarter. Release date? It says January 19th on the Steam page, which considering we’re in March, doesn’t bode well. However, if the game fulfills its potential, its place on a list of 5 Great Horror Games By Latinx Developers will be secured forever more.

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