237 Is A Cool Indie Game Fan Fiction Of The Shining

Does fanfic also apply to games? I don’t know how else to describe this. 237 is a short but sweet game by itch.io developer GameDevOverdose. Inspired by Stephen King’s The Shining (perhaps even Dr. Sleep as well), 237 takes place in the probably extremely traumatized mind of Danny. 

237 is set in the Overlook Hotel, or rather, an image projected by the evil forces from the hotel across time and space into Danny’s dreamscape in order to create a realistic recreation within his unconscious mind. Going down a seemingly endless P.T. style hallway, 237 is more of an atmospheric experience than a run-from-a-ghost game. 

There are not too many jump scares in 237, but all the same, the experience is still pretty interesting. There is a story and the game does use plenty of (probably unlicensed, don’t tell Warner Bros.) bits of The Shining material to make the experience that much more authentic. Focusing on Danny, obviously the narrative is going to heavily involve our good friend Jack.

237 is about 30-45 minutes long and is available on itch.io for free. You can download the game here. And you can check out the other works by GameDevOverdose by clicking here

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