Capcom Asking Fans If They Want More Resident Evil

The answer is yes. No matter how many Resident Evil games there are (at least 25), fans will always want more. Give us zombies to shoot (or parasite infected villagers, I’m not picky), and we will line up to across the block to pick up the latest installment. If I made my way through every campaign of Resident Evil 6, I will sure as shit play through anything else you put out.

The survey is being put out by Capcom to gauge fan interest after the release of the Resident Evil 3 remake. Despite my positive review, the critical consensus is far lower than that of last year’s Resident Evil 2. The survey asks if you’d be interested in buying A) more Resident Evil remakes and B) an all-new Resident Evil title. The questions aren’t mutually exclusive, so feel free to just let them know you want anything and everything Resident Evil. My guess is that this is an initiative by someone at Capcom to justify funding a new project despite the lukewarm reception. Of course they will make another one, but corporations gonna corporate.

There are no hints as to what this survey could be in preparation for. However, gauging interest in a new project would seem to contradict the recent Resident Evil 8 rumors. At this point, it’s all just speculation. This is just a fun way to let Capcom know how much you want a new game, and to let them know anonymously if you were displeased with Resident Evil 3/Resistance. For your trouble, you’ll be rewarded with a high-quality desktop background. Spooky.

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