Triple Take Twists, Traverses Steam this October

Fans of 2D precision platforming rejoice! Triple Take takes place inside your computer while playing it on your computer. Starting October 6, you can try out the full game on Steam. There’s a trailer, too.

The precision platformer requires you to triumph over each level three times. Each time you complete a level, something will change and offer a new trifle. Once you’ve completed the trinity of challenges, you can move on. At times, you may need to employ a few tricks and hack through numerous boss fights. Rise to the challenge and trivialize five worlds and over four-dozen unique levels. While you’re completing each level in triplicate, you can listen to the original soundtrack courtesy of Tobias Roberts. Uncover the lurking terror as you conquer the trials and tribulations, but the truth may not be so eager to reveal itself. Become a real triathlete, employing your running, jumping, wall climbing and jumping, and swimming skill to evade new threats and explore new routes.

Triple Take Red World
Tristfully, I’m starting to run out of tri-words.

Triple Take introduces some really surprising game design ideas that left us stunned at first sight. Oh, and I need to add that speedrunning this game will be absolutely hilarious to watch.”

Somebody, Bonus Stage Publishing

Developer FlyAway is a British studio telling innovative stories through games. Their newest title, Triple Take, began life as a game jam entry, but has evolved into the current form of a meta-horror precision platformer. Game developer Robert Turner has participated in numerous game jams and consistently placed well, within the top three submissions. His main project for the past year and a half has been Triple Take.

Publisher Bonus Stage Publishing started out in Finland in 2019. Previous works include Sunblaze, Warshmallows, and JANITOR BLEEDS. Bonus Stage plans to rule the world by 2025, and I for one support their endeavor. Bonus Stage 2025.