Da’ WAAAGH!!! FILLZ DA SKIEZ IN Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron

Are you a big fan of all things Orky? If so, you probably don’t need any introduction to da Flyboyz. We tend to think of pilots as civilized, higher educated, slick, sexy, playing shirtless volleyball, quipping the hottest one-liners. Not Flyboyz. Flyboyz are the Orks who looked at the Speed Freeks rickety Wartrukks and were like, “psh, not fast enough.” They are the maddest of the mad, completely obsessed with going as fast as Orkishly possible. This often scrambles their little Orkish brains. Which is a good thing. If you know anything about how the WAAAGH!!! works, the crazier the Ork, the better.

So if you ever looked at dogfighting games and thought, “I wish the pilot drank the fuel,” then boy do I have a game for you. Announced today, Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron is looking to bring the madness of the Orks into the skies. From their Official Press Release:

Phosphor Games Studio in partnership with Games Workshop is excited to announce Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron. Available later this year for consoles and PCs, Dakka Squadron is a fast-paced, aerial shooter where the player is an Ork Flyboy, taking to the skies to do what Orks do best – fight! 

With 3rd person, action-packed gameplay and intuitive controls, players will choose a Waaagh! (or campaign) and take part in a series of missions across alien worlds.  Players will fly against insane odds, blasting away with their Supa-Shootas against enemy air forces and ground targets, while unlocking new weapons and upgrading their Dakkajets to be the most “dead killy” Flyboys in the sky. 

All of the player actions revolve around fighting.  Building and crafting is for the grots. Choose an Ork Clan and customize your squadron to augment your play style. Fly Dakkajets, Burna-Bommas, and Blitza-Bommas, equip them with an array of guns, bombs, and missiles, learn special maneuvers, and unleash your dakka to conquer a galaxy riddled with ancient enemies.

·         Hone your skills to climb the ladder of the Ork faction; start off as a lowly Flyboy and conquer worlds to become a Warboss.

·         Explore incredible environments across multiple planets through a 20+ mission campaign

·         Fantastic voice over acting and dialog unveil a complex plot and capture the grim humour of Orks in the Warhammer 40,000 universe

·         Complete missions, perform challenges and unlock achievements to discover powerful Orky weapons and receive incredible fighta upgrades

·         Master dog fighting, dive bombing, and carpet bombing and use different playstyles to complete varied air to air, and air to ground missions.

·         The first video game built from the ground up by Orks for Orks.

If you want to learn more about Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron, click here to check out the game’s website. The game is slated for a Q4 2020 release on PC and Consoles.

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