Don’t Starve: Newhome Releases Story Trailer

Fans of the Don’t Starve darkly-quirky survival series received a trailer today. Don’t Starve: Newhome, a mobile version, released an animated story trailer on Friday.

Shengqu Games, the developer, plans to expand Don’t Starve’s classic core survival, exploration, and crafting. It also plans to bring in new social and multiplayer elements along with a new story mode and live support. Some of the features include co-op multiplayer, faster play sessions for players on the go, and personal progression systems. The studio plans to retain the art style, challenging gameplay, and in-depth crafting. In Don’t Starve: Newhome, players will be able to build persistent housing, encounter new creatures, builds, and crafted items while working together with friends.

Don’t Starve is a player-versus-environment experience. Originally released in late 2015, Don’t Starve Together, a standalone multiplayer experience, followed several months later. Despite its small initial roster, it has gathered a large number of playable wretches, each with their own weals and woes. Don’t Starve features in-depth crafting and resource management with an undercurrent of horror and the uncanny. Developed and published by Klei Entertainment, it featured a distinct, darkly-whimsical art style and captured the attention of many.

Other products by Klei Entertainment include Oxygen Not Included (a space-based colony management sim), Griftlands (a deckbuilding roguelite), and Hot Lava (a precision platformer where the floor is, indeed, lava).

Don’t forget to check out the trailer, which features the main protagonist, Wilson, in his latest unfortunate endeavor. You can also pick up the original Don’t Starve on Steam as well as on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS systems. It does not offer crossplay for different platforms at this point in time. Don’t Starve is currently part of the Steam Summer Sale with a 75% discount, which runs until July 8.