Doom Reborn Beta Brings the Timeless Shooter to a New Engine

There aren’t too many games that are truly timeless. Games that transcend generations, both for gaming platforms and people.  But Doom certainly does. Doom is one of the greatest shooters of all time, so good that after a quarter-century it still has a vibrant modding community. The modding community is so huge that there is basically infinite Doom content, with amazing maps, game modes, multiplayer and more. 

Now, there’s a new interesting mod on the horizon. A modder by the name of Gamehacker (and yes, sources tell that is his legal name) has put out the pre-beta version of Doom Reborn, a complete conversion of Doom and Doom II to the Id Tech 4 Engine. In hindsight, this seems like a much better use of time than porting them to the oscilloscope or the TI-85, but better late than never. 

This new conversion is almost a complete remake, with the same weapons and demons from Doom with entirely recreated models and textures. There are new graphical settings, like widescreen support and parallax occulsion mapping (whatever the fuck that means), as well as a new lighting engine and menu system. 

We don’t know when the final product will be released, but in the meantime, you can try out the latest build here. Or you can just watch the ~45 minute video, which gives you a pretty feel for what to expect. 

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