Doomguy Rides Again In First Doom Eternal Expansion

If you needed a little more demon slaying in your life, then id Software has good news for you. The first expansion for Doom Eternal has been announced. There’s no full reveal yet, but we got a tease that gives us a pretty solid starting point. To start with, the expansion is named The Ancient Gods Part 1.

The short 30 second clip has The Father telling Doomguy that he’s here to kill demons, which is a pretty solid summary of Doomguy’s entire life mission. Sure enough, we get to see Doomguy killing some new demons in new environments. Outside of that there’s not too much else, but we can always appreciate more demons getting killed.

While this is just a tease, the full trailer of The Ancient Gods Part 1 will be shown on August 27th during the Opening Night Live event that kicks off Gamescom. Since this is Part 1, and the Doom Eternal expansion pass promised two single player DLC chapters, we can probably assume the other chapter will be Part 2.

Until then, you can nab Doom Eternal on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If you get the expansion pass then you can also get The Ancient Gods Part 1 and the assumed Part 2 on their release.

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