Dying Light Getting a Crossover With Rust to Celebrate Console Release

Today Dying Light is starting a crossover with survival game Rust, which is due on consoles for the first time next month.

The event brings several bits of gear from Rust into Dying Light. All players can grab the Rust Weapon Pack for free, which adds in some Rust-themed weapons, armor, and vehicle skins. However, free goodies are only the start of the event. New bandit camps can be found all over the world, and the bandit fights have been made more intense to go with the event. Defeat the outposts, however, and you can steal some C4 from them, giving you a new explosive edge. New scientist enemies have also been added to the game, based on the ones you would encounter in the world of Rust. Just make sure you do it now though, as the event is only running on PC from today until April 26th. The event is set to run on consoles sometime in May.

This isn’t the first crossover Dying Light has done. Last year it had one with Left 4 Dead 2, which let you unlock Bill as a playable character. Last year it also had a crossover with Unturned, a free-to-play survival game where you need to survive in a land of zombies. In addition to this, Techland’s canceled Hellraid ended up becoming a DLC expansion for Dying Light. It seems like the game may still have some crossovers left in it, and certainly still has plenty of free updates on the way. If nothing else, be sure to enjoy this event while it’s still happening and put some buckets on zombie’s heads.

You can grab Dying Light on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One right now. You can also grab Rust on PC right now, with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version launching on May 18th.

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