Dying Light: Hellraid Unlocks New Story Mode

The dark-fantasy slasher DLC for parkour zombie survival game Dying Light received a new story mode update on Monday. Dying Light: Hellraid also comes with a free content update with new weapons, zones, and visual improvements.

Players can now take on abominations from Hell in either solo or cooperative play. They’ll also have a bunch of new, narrative-rich quests to save a mage from the desecrated Ba’al’s Temple. There are a variety of new weapons, including the DLC’s first ranged weapon. Corrupted Justice, a bow, gives players a more tactical option when encountering the forces of the damned. For the more melee-inclined, there’s also the Bonecruncher, a two-handed hammer.

Dying Light Screenshot
Dying Light offers undead-slaying action with a parkour twist.

The Story Mode now joins the pre-existing Raid Mode, with the latter still accessible after completing the new prologue. Dying Light: Hellraid is a new game mode for Dying Light, based on their first-person fantasy slasher game Hellraid. As Hellraid is currently on hold, this should help to scratch the itch. Other improvements include animations, minimap functionality, inventory management, lightning, and environmental sounds.

The DLC is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players can purchase it alone or as part of the Dying Light: Platinum Edition. Dying Light 2, a sequel, releases this December. Players can also prepurchase it via the official website. While you’re at it, be sure to check out the trailer for Dying Light: Hellraid.

Techland, based in Poland, is an independent game distributor and developer. Techland develops titles for various platforms, including the PC, Sony PlayStations, and Xbox devices. Founded in 1991, its properties include Dead Island and Call of Juarez. Their technology includes their proprietary C-Endine. Original game Dying Light and its additional DLC The Following boast over 20 million unique players altogether.

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