ENTITY Is A Unique Free Horror Game Set In Its Own Extended World

This week, on Ted’s itch.io watch… Seriously though, I’ve been having some fun delving into the itch.io library. Despite each game only being about 30 minutes long, it’s quickly eating up a lot of my time. The overall quality is generously described as dubious, but each new game is a fresh chance at something truly unique. While today’s entry Entity isn’t going to break any molds, it adds a number of unique elements that elevate the otherwise stagnant spooky hallway genre.

In Entity, you play the role of @JoeyHighStakesTV. A streamer on the fictional StatusPost site, Mr. HighStakes has taken a break from his typical video game streaming to do some IRL exploration. He decides to venture to Al-Kanan Industries, which one year ago was the location of the Northbury Grove Massacre. Spooky happenings ensue.

We’re not exactly experiencing a lack of “dudes with a camera” horror experiences, so what makes Entity worth mentioning? First and foremost, Entity really commits to its streamer theme. Things start off as witty banter between Joey and his chat, with plenty of inappropriate jokes that I’m sure someone would think are cancel-worthy. As things progress, Joey begins to experience a level of danger that genuinely terrifies him. All the while, the chat continues to be… well it’s chat. A combination of bad jokes, useless comments, and just a slight sprinkle of people genuinely concerned for you. It makes the game far more visually packed than it typically would be. You’ll try to focus on the comments, which draws you in just enough that the scares can really make you jump. Speaking of commitment, they even made Joey his own Twitter to release extra spooky easter eggs.

As a standalone experience, the game is remarkably solid for a free 30-minute experience. The game was also made in a week, which is genuinely shocking. Despite being short, what’s really cool about Entity is that the story doesn’t stop after you’re done. This is part of the Scythe Saga Universe. Created by the Scythe Dev Team, this story expands into their previous 4 games. Northbury Grove is the one they recommend you play before Entity. You don’t have to, but it will give you some more insight into the game’s history. I will warn you, they have come a very long way from those early games. Their first game is a slog, but playing through the whole slate is a great example of an indie dev developing their craft. Plus, the art and soundtrack are great. Speaking of the soundtrack, this extended universe doesn’t stop with the games. If you check out on their site, the story even expands into music. It isn’t as fleshed out as SCP or the like, but it’s cool to see a small team trying to make something much bigger across different mediums.

So to recap, a solid free indie game made in a week and part of a larger universe. Isn’t this the kind of stuff horror fans are just begging to discover? So go ahead and head over to the game’s itch.io and show your support.

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