Eville Takes Among Us to the Realm of Fantasy

With Among Us being a surprise runaway hit, it’s not that surprising that other games are looking to join in. The latest game to do so is Eville, which takes all the popular tropes and brings them to fantasy.

To the surprise of few, Eville takes place in the town of Eville. A multiplayer social deduction game, each character has goals they need to accomplish while trying to keep their roles a secret. Unfortunately for some, these goals may include murder. During the day characters will go out and about and accomplish tasks while preparing for the night. Then night rolls around and bad things start to happen. Traps are laid, people are dead, and in the morning you have to decide who did it.

In addition to this, at the start of every game you’re randomly assigned a class, and each class has special abilities that can help them with their goal. For example, the Seer can place magic wards at night to serve as invisible cameras, the Smuggler can build underground tunnels, the Ghost Whisper can talk to dead players, while the Shape Shifter can, well… shift shapes. You’ll need to utilize your randomly selected role if you want any chance of surviving and figuring out who’s murdering. Or committing murders, if that’s your jam.

If you want to try out Eville there’s a free demo you can grab on Steam right now. The game is set to launch into Early Access some time soon.

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