Lays of Fear Film Adaptation Announced By Bloober Team

It seems the surprise announcements just keep on coming for Cracovian horror studio Bloober Team. Hot off the heals of the recently announced Observer: System Redux coming to next gen-consoles, they today revealed that Layers of Fear is also seeing new life. Instead of just a remastering, Layers of Fear is jumping mediums from your computer screen to… well, probably your computer screen. That’s where I watch most of my movies, anyways.

This news is a welcome surprise, as the game is highly regarded as one of the finest examples of the indie narrative horror genre. Though the developer Bloober Team has been around since at least 2010, Layers of Fear is what put the studio on the map. Their previous works include the likes of Basement Crawl, which holds the illustrious title of being one of the worst reviewed games on the PS4 with a Metacritic score of only 27. Since Layers of Fear, the studio has truly found its niche, delivering hits like Observer and the resent video game adaptation of Blair Witch.

Not much is known about the film. The only official word is that it has been in development for at least two years. The studio handing the film adaptation is Project Nerd Boss, which I did my best to find some information on. All I can find are some trademark applications for a film production company called HIVEMIND and a failed merchandising Kickstarter from 2017 that only raised $131. Digging into HIVEMIND, it seems they just shoot a bunch of hyper-artsy shorts with a RedCam. So hopefully we get more details soon, because it’s not much to go off of.

It also isn’t clear if the film will be just based on the first Layers of Fear, or include elements of the more recent Layers of Fear 2. It would certainly be poetic, as that game was about film. Now all they need to do is make Layers of Fear 3, have the central theme be poetry, then make some art about it, and the holy trinity of reading way too much into shit will be complete. If you want to try to find out more information, you can find the original story here (warning, it is in Polish). Let’s just hope this is the start of something big for Bloober Team. Someday, they might even make a movie out of Blair Witch.

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