Prodeus is a New Retro Shooter with Heavy Metal and T H I C C Pixels

Once upon a time there was no video games. Then there was Doom. It wasn’t the first video game, of course, but it spent many years as one of the most popular video games of all time and to this day has managed to survive a trip into several different genres, a reboot, and not one but two absolutely awful movies. More importantly, however, Doom has a style that when you see it you know it’s Doom. It has pixel perfect first person shooter goodness that has inspired so many games. Games like the upcoming Prodeus, being developed by Bounding Box Software.

Much like Doom, Prodeus has unmistakable style.

It’s the big pixel monsters that really catch the eye. The lovely animation on each monster, the attention to detail. They look as if they’ve stepped out of hell (which, of course, they have) and right into a world where they don’t belong. They throw fireballs, ooze blood, and electrical energies crackle from them. Thankfully, you have a giant shotgun, a rocket launcher, and all sorts of fun tools to send them back where they came from. These too are made up of pixels.

However, just because the game is made of pixels doesn’t mean it’s completely old fashioned. Prodeus gives you fast-paced shooting with visual effects that completely blow many similar games out of the water. From impressive lighting to endless supplies of gore and giblets, there’s plenty for you to ooh and aah about. The best part? The steam features literally promise “infinite blood” so you can make the world as red as your heart desires.

This isn’t the only interesting feature either. Don’t like any of the maps? A level editor will let you try your hand at building your own stages and sharing them with both your friends and other people you want to subject to your levels. The developers are also promising “continuous support” on their Steam page, so it seems like you’ll be slaying demons for some time to come. Never feel bad about ending demon lives.

Prodeus will be launching some time in 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. You can add it to your Steam wishlist by clicking here.

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