Orchestral Cover Of COD Zombies Mixes Rock, Classical, and Violent Dismemberment

Hey, you like violence? Of course you do. You’re on a horror website. That’s like, question 1 on the entrance exam. You like orchestral rock? Duh. This is a gaming site. Orchestral scores are like the cans of spraypaint chrome we used to get pumped before we dive-bomb into another 12-hour gaming binge. So when I saw that Game Music Collective had mixed the two, I figured you folks would dig it.

A collection of artists known mostly for their live shows, Game Music Collective has been slowly building their online presence through some cheesy-yet-fun videos. Their latest venture features a cover from Call of Duty: Black Ops II’s Zombies mode, accompanied by action inspired by the game. End the end of it all, the cellist dies alone. Just like IRL cellists (brass boys for life).

It’s not 10/10 quality action, but it’s more than I expected for a video with only 2000 views. I’m kind of shocked it’s not more popular. It’s a great rendition of Damned & Beauty of Annihilation. Even if you’re not into the action, it’s worth just listening to it. If you want to check out more from the group, you can head over to their YouTube channel by clicking here. Or, you can check out their website and learn more about the group.

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