Oxide Room 104 Gains Physical Edition This Summer

Oxide Room 104 will launches its physical edition this summer, according to publisher Perp Games and developer WildSphere. Taking inspiration from escape rooms, it’s a single-player horror experience set in an old motel. Someone, or something, kidnaps and imprisons the player. Only your wits and courage can help them to escape the abomination stalking the premises looking for you. Physical editions will come to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch, and digitla versions for the Xbox One, Series X|S, and PCs (Steam)

Mechanics in Oxide Room 104 are based in real-time actions and decisions made in the moment. You’ll need to take the right paths to ensure your survival. The sum total of your actions will affect whether you ultimately live and escape or perish. Each time you die, you’ll wake up again in the room’s bathtub, naked and injured. Each time the hotel’s layout will change, closing off options and items while making others accessible or changing the circumstances.

The physical edition comes with two real, tangible post cards.

“One of the first games I played when I was young was Alone in the Dark. From that moment on I always dreamed of creating my own horror video game. With each new game I played, Resident Evil, Silent Hill… it went from a dream to almost a challenge in my life. Now, I can release Oxide Room 104. It’s more than a new game, it’s part of me. I hope players enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.”

Michael D., WildSphere

Developer WildSphere has over a decade of experience in the video game industry. The company, based in Granada, Spain, has become one of the region’s premiere names in gaming. Their partnerships include PlayStation Iberia, EA Chillingo, Cyber Group Studios, Outright Games, and Atresmedia. Their games include Gigantosaurus: The Game and Timothy vs. The Aliens, the latter winning an award at the PlayStation Talents awards.

Publisher Perp Games focuses on award-winning titles and indie games. It operates around the globe and seeks to bring games to market across multiple formats and media.