PERISH Announced by HandyGames

PERISH is an upcoming four-player first-person co-op shooter developed by ITEM42 and published by HandyGames.

Players face eternal doom, and must defeat hundreds of demons on the black sands of Purgatory. By selling their gold-stained corpses to priestesses, players can acquire more powerful melee weapons and firearms. Upon destroying powerful abominations, players can use their bloodstained treasures to gain entrance into Elysium, reserved for mortals related to the gods and heroes. The creatures, however, are overwhelmed by the same desire for gold that motivates you.

You can play PERISH alone or with up to three friends. Co-op specific equipment and items help you and your team of monster-hunters survive the deadly hordes. Bosses take inspiration from ancient Greek mythology. There are over 10 different varieties of weapons, from javelins and swords to bows and firearms. Each weapon has its own parameters and unique abilities. As players progress, they’ll meet a variety of enemies drawing on inspiration from Ancient Greek, Roman, and Christian influences. There will also be post-launch support for PERISH, with free updates including new enemies and weapons.

Perish Screenshot Enemies
Rev up those guns and ready that sword, hero. It’s time to earn your keep.

The setting for PERISH includes crumbling temples, volcanic foundries, and even ancient shipwrecks. You’ll cover each of these battlefields with the oozing golden ichor from your enemies in time. From the cliffs of Theseus to temples of Orpheus, danger awaits around every corner. You are amyetri, a spirit trapped in Purgatory. You’ll have to try over and over to finally earn your way into the hallowed halls of Elysium.

There is currently no release date, however you can access the PERISH Steam page now. Don’t forget to Wishlist it there and follow the page for updates. Remember to check out the action-packed trailer, as well, and see all the carnage you can inflict when PERISH comes out.

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