Pumpkin Jack, The Textorcist, And Slime-San Release Free Demos On Steam

Being trapped indoors, I’m going through games faster than I usually do. Even with titles like DOOM Eternal and Resident Evil 3 to keep me busy, I find myself wandering the digital aisles of the Steam storefront looking for new things to impulse buy. Trouble is, I only have so much dosh to go around. So it’s nice when a game give me the chance to check it out before I buy it. To help me in my poor-decision making process, publisher Headup has released 3 new demos for some of their existing/upcoming titles. As of today, you cam test the released Slime-san and The Textorcist: the Story of Ray Bibbia, as well as the upcoming Pumpkin Jack!

Here’s some more info on the three titles:

Pumpkin Jack: Sometimes, it’s good to be bad, and in Pumpkin Jack, you embody Jack, the mythical Pumpkin Lord! Dive into an epic 3D platforming adventure through otherworldly landscapes and help the Evil defeat Good!

Slime-san: It was a normal day like every other, then a giant worm ate poor little Slime-san, and now he has to make his way out of the worm’s digestive tract by slipping, sliding and jumping his way around in this hyper-cute platformer! Slime-san is guaranteed to put you in a good mood!

The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia: Don’t let your typing skills get rusty during these trying times! The Textorcist is a mix of bullet hell shooter and typing game…yeah, you read that right! On top of that, you’re a freelance exorcist! You know you wanna try this one!  

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