Playstation Talents Programme Announces Twin Stick Shooter Clid The Snail

One of the most eye-catching titles for the Playstation Talents is Clid the Snail. It’s an upcoming isometric twin-stick shooter about Clid, a bipedal snail armed to the teeth who joins a gang of outcasts formed by a hedgehog. With shotguns, flamethrowers and more, Clid must blast his way through hundreds of insects, monsters, and more in this truly bizarre genre blending game. 

Not much is known about Clid the Snail, but the strange setting and premise of the game promises something entirely unique. Clid’s shell appears to be a mechanical contraption supporting energy cells, and the other bug enemies somehow have grenades. However, there is a large (or rather, normal sized) human skeleton in one of the environments, raising further questions as to what the hell is going on. Is this a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland? Is this a Mushroom Men style scenario where this advanced bug society exists right under our noses? Not much information is out, but this is definitely a title you should keep on your radar. 

For more information about Clid the Snail, you can check out their Youtube page by clicking here. And for more information about the Playstation Talents titles announced, click the link here

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