Recolonize Mars to Survive a Holy Crusade in Ragnorium

When I think of places I want to take my holy crusade to, Mars usually isn’t at the top of the list. Still, Ragnorium sees a potential one heading Mars’ way, and it’s up to you to land there and make it a place you can live before the crusade happens.

The game starts with you landing on Mars, along with a group of clones that will be assisting you. You can have these clones land with vital supplies you may need, so it’s a good idea to maybe stock a few extra bodies on your trip. Then you can take these supplies and build yourself a home. Before long, you’ll have a nice little base of operations going and you can make yourself comfortable.

It should be noted that you’re not colonizing Mars, but recolonizing it. This is a planet that once held life, but lost it. You’ll find plenty of signs of the people who used to live here, utilizing their abandoned buildings and supplies for yourself. All of this is to become strong and survive the upcoming holy crusade heading to Mars. You don’t want to be unprepared for when a bunch of religious fanatics storm your gates after all.

Ragnorium has just launched into Early Access, with the game going to be there for somewhere in the 12 – 24 month range. You can pick it up on Steam here.

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