Shadow Warrior 3 Proves Grappling Hooks Continue to Make Everything Better

Devolver went ahead and gave us an early treat for their upcoming show by announcing Shadow Warrior 3. The third game in the rather well received reboot series, it sees the return of Lo Wang in his quest to… well we’re not sure yet. But whatever he’s doing, he’s going to do it with style, grace, and… oh, no, he just failed using a grappling hook and face planted into the ground.

The reveal trailer is a bit light on details, but it does rather humorously confirm that Flying Wild Hogs is developing the game again, while Devolver (whom Lo Wang is more than happy to call overrated) will be publishing. We get to see some magic throw around. There’s a grappling hook. The YouTube description promises a plot that requires “the mask of a dead god, a dragon’s egg, a touch of magic, and enough firepower to tear down the encroaching Shadowlands.” Finally, we’ll get to see the gameplay reveal during the Devolver Direct on July 11th.

This means there’s currently no word on which entry Shadow Warrior 3 will take after. The 2013 Shadow Warrior reboot was a pretty straight-forward fast-paced retro FPS that saw Lo Wang going through levels to kill demons and make silly jokes while doing it. On the other hand, its 2016 sequel Shadow Warrior 2 took after the Borderlands series and was a co-op looter shooter where you would find all sorts of items and weapons with stats and numbers. Both were good games, just totally different ones.

No matter the case, Shadow Warrior 3 is set to come out in 2021. You can wishlist the game on Steam here, and it’s due out on “multiple platforms” which likely means PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X as well.

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