Steel Rising Key Art

Steelrising Will Make You Fight a Revolution with Robots

Aside from an Assassin’s Creed game, I can’t think of any other games set in 1700’s Paris. It’s a place in history ripe for the video game treatment. The biggest is probably the French Revolution. Taking place in 1789, Steelrising seeks to take us to an alternate history version of this event. King Louis XVI was, in reality, really into clockmaking. The Developers at Spiders decided that a clockmaking fascination could easily lead to maybe…making robots? This alternate history version of King Louis has built robots to quell the revolution.

You will play as Aegis, Marie-Antoinette’s personal valet. Aegis will have to make their way through a war torn Paris filled with murderous, bloodthirsty robots. , The gameplay was not showcased in the newest trailer, but the description makes it sound like you’ll be engaging in some souls-like “challenging combat” in Steelrising. What is on display is heartening. The game pulls inspirations from real-life Paris. You’ll see the Bastille, along with other french landmarks. The robots are all of a strange, clockwork nature. It’s all very interesting.

Spider Games is a game developer based out of Paris. Before Steelrising, their previous game, Greedfall, was a success. Showcasing visuals inspired by baroque art from 17th century Europe. Spider Games has proven that they are no strangers to interesting time periods and stunning, unique visuals. Greedfall was a classic RPG, packed with content and character progression choices. You played as Lord De Sardet, an emissary for the congregation of merchants. The game dealt with political strife, bureaucracy, and even some monsters.

You can wishlist Steelrising here, and watch the new trailer below.

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