Comedy VR Horror Hello Puppets! Isn’t Related To Hello Neighbor, Probably

tinyBuild announced today the release date for their upcoming VR horror game, Hello Puppets! Set in the abandoned warehouse formerly where a former children’s show was filmed before a deadly fire, you play as a person who made the mistake of visiting this accursed building. Trying on one of the puppets for yourself, you find it stitched to your arm, a grotesque ally against the rest of the studio’s creatures.

The interesting mechanic for Hello Puppets!, as you can see, is that one hand is currently occupied by another character. This character is named Scout, and she’s thankfully not as evil as the rest of the puppets. She is, as you may see in the trailer, extremely condescending and annoyed at you. She also gives you an ability called “puppet mode,” where you can see the world through her perspective in order to solve puzzles. 

Hello Puppets! will be available on Steam on October 22. You can wishlist the game for yourself by clicking here.

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