Werewolves Within Releases Teaser Trailer

Upcoming film Werewolves Within released a teaser trailer earlier today. The film comes to theaters on June 25, and available On Demand starting July 2.

Directed by Josh Ruben, the film tells the intertwined stories of Finn, a new arrival and forest ranger, and Cecily, a postal worker. Plans for a pipeline have caused tensions to rise and flare up in the tiny town of Beaverfield. A snowstorm traps them together inside a small inn, forcibly bringing them together while adhering to the classic closed-circle trope. Cecily and Finn must work together to keep tempers from boiling over while investigating a strange creature terrorizing the locals.

Ruben writes in a statement that he enjoyed making up monster stories as a child and loved Jaws. Using his small-town background, he provided Werewolves Within a personal touch. The small-town experience of everybody knowing everybody (and everybody’s business) comes to the fore, bringing to mind towns such as Murder, She Wrote’s Cabot Cove. Cabot Cove, much like Beaverfield, is a sleepy little town with a recurring cast of characters. The only difference is that Jessica Fletcher is a much more banal source of mortal terror than the creature of Werewolves Within.

Neither rain nor snow nor werewolves will stop Cecily (Milana Vyntrub) while she investigates.

Werewolves Within will feature Sam Richardson in the role of Finn, and Milana Vyntrub in the role of Cecily. Ruben notes that, “as much as this movie is an homage to my love for Hot Fuzz, the Coen Brothers, and Arachnophobia, it’s also about the monster in all of us.”

This movie is a tribute to those of us who are resolute that good conquers evil, and that “being good” is the best weapon we’ve got, against guns, knives, even claws… Sometimes, you just gotta be a good neighbor, no matter how wicked people are.

Josh Ruben

Be sure to check out the cinematic trailer above. Werewolves Within is an adaption of the Ubisoft VR game of the same name, which you can check out here.

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