Black Myth: Wu Kong Has the Kung Fu Skills to Shine

Journey to the West is one of the most famous Chinese stories, and has been adapted a countless number of times. From anime series like Dragon Ball, to the criminally underappreciated Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, many stories seek to adapt the tale. Black Myth: Wu Kong is the latest, and it looks like it wants to be the best.

The full trailer is a little over 13 minutes long, but shows off many aspects of the game. After a little introduction and a bit of stealth section where Wukong sneaks around as a bee, the game hops right into it. Gameplay looks like it takes most of its inspiration from character action games like Devil May Cry, with some fast paced kung-fu action. There’s also a stamina bar that drains from dodges and attacks, not too dissimilar from the Dark Souls series. Yet even more awesome, Wukong has magical abilities to do things like turn into a giant tiger, or summon an army to help him fight. The latter comes in hand with the super impressive boss fight that Black Myth‘s demo ends on.

Despite how impressive the trailer looks, and the strong fan reception it got, the developers took to Weibo to talk a bit about the trailer, and are asking people to forget about it. They note that it’s not their best work, and that they feel they can do better. They go on to point out issues with their own trailer, such as the water not reacting, fur not being as good as they feel like it should be, and the frame rate tanking during the large battles. Still, if they feel like this is not their best work, I can’t wait to see whats coming.

There’s no other details on Black Myth: Wu Kong, but here’s hoping we’ll learn more of the game.

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