E3 2019: Die And Die Again In Arkane’s DEATHLOOP

We’re huge fans of the Dishonored franchise round these parts, so we were pretty hyped to learn that Arkane Studios are working on a new supernatural adventure game called Deathloop. The first trailer for this ambitious new project was presented during Bethesda’s E3 press conference, and you can watch it in the player above. Although it does not feature any actual gameplay footage, we still get a decent impression of the mysterious and violent adventure we have now come to expect from the Dishonored developer.

The premise of Deathloop is basically Hitman meets Groundhog Day. Two assassins named Julianna and Colt are trapped in a time loop on a mysterious tropical island called Blackreef. Colt believes he can escape from the loop by killing Julianna, while Julianna believes she can remain in the loop by killing Cole over and over again. It remains unclear how exactly the time loop will work in relation to gameplay, although the description for the trailer hints that you will die constantly before the story reaches its conclusion.

Similar to the Dishonored games, Deathloop will present you with non-linear gameplay options, so you will have plenty of different methods of executing your targets across the island. In addition to using firearms, it also appears that you will have access to supernatural abilities, which you can use to wreak havoc on your foes.

While many fans were probably hoping for Dishonored 3 to be announced at E3, Deathloop still looks like another instant classic from Arkane. A release date has yet to be specified, so keep an eye on Bethesda’s website for further updates.

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