Portrait of a Murder, Dead by Daylight DLC, Announced

Portrait of a Murder is brand-new upcoming DLC for Dead by Daylight. The DLC will include a new Killer, The Artist, and a new Survivor, Jonah Vasquez. It will release some time this month. In addition, Dead by Daylight will come to the Epic Games Store this December.

Carmina Mora is The Artist. A talented painter from Chile, Carmina was on the verge of suicide before a murder of crows saved her. The experience changed her art, making it colorful and lively instead of black, inky surrealism. She began to paint murals on street corners which exposed local corruption. Crows followed her everywhere, as if watching her progress. Carmina’s activism earned her plenty of enemies, culminating when a group of assailants abducted Carmina and her friends. They took them to an abandoned graveyard in the desert, where they chopped off Carmina’s hands and removed her tongue. The crows once again came to her rescue, attacking both Carmina’s captors and her friends. Now maimed, The Entity claimed her, and now she works to feed the carrion-devouring swarm that protected her.

Portrait of a Murder Jonah The Artist Screenshot
Carmina confronts Jonah amid the twisting branches.

Portrait of a Murder also includes Jonah Vasquez, a Survivor. A CIA codebreaker, Jonah has worked with numbers all his life. For years, he kept seeing a repeating string of numbers. When they appeared again during an assignment, Jonah uncovered a formula that took him to a lost Chilean cemetery. The crows awoke, screeching at him for his intrusion.

The Forsaken Boneyard is the new map. Forgotten by time, this site was host to the attack on Carmina and her friends. It includes a huge crypt and roost for the many crows to watch the trial. The trailer shows off some of the twisting, turning passages buried in the desert.

Dead by Daylight will include cross-platform play between Steam, Stadia, and Epic Games via a shared Behavior account.