After 12 Years, The World Ends With You is Finally Getting a Sequel

Now here’s something I’ve been waiting for a very long time to happen. Today Square Enix announced NEO: The World Ends With You, the sequel to the beloved Nintendo DS cult classic The World Ends With You.

Square Enix dropped the trailer for the game today, showing off what exactly is different. The short answer is quite a bit. The general idea is still the same: you’ll play as a freshly dead person who is given a chance to come back to life if they win a mysterious event known as the Reaper’s Game. However, to do so, they have to team up with other players and battle various monsters while completing tasks. Also, they’re invisible to the general populace but can read their minds.

The original game combined lovely 2D sprites with action-packed battles that played on both screens at the same time, leading to something super unique. NEO looks like it will instead take the 3D route, featuring an art style that attempts to capture the vibrant world and weird graffiti monsters from the original game. We get to see some bits of combat as well, which still seemed to involve pins that grant the users magic abilities. The best part is that the soundtrack still kicks ass, from what little I heard. So there’s that.

NEO: The World Ends With You is set to release on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in spring 2021.

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