Contagion Management Sim Bio Inc.: Redemption Coming To iOS

What could be more appropriate right now than some bio-horror. Nothing like a slow death at the hands of a million billion microscopic bugs to get you in the hand washing mood. Bio Inc.: Redemption is a game by developers DryGin Studios. Available on PC and Android, the plague-building sim will soon be released on iOS. 

Bio Inc.: Redemption has you in the role of a doctor. Whether you observe your Hippocratic oath is up to you. You’re presented with one patient after another, each displaying symptoms of some kind of pathogen. You have the option to vigilantly diagnose and solve this contagion, or, you can mix up meds and encourage patients to take up smoking if you want to go the dark doctor route. 

The game will be available on the App Store on December 8th. You can play Bio Inc.: Redemption on Steam by clicking here and Android here. And you can keep up with the upcoming iOS release here.

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