“Cannibal Holocaust” Game Renamed Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare, Features Surprise Appearance From Bloody Disgusting

There was a Cannibal Holocaust game announced earlier this year. Not in name, but in premise, style, and even director. Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare is an upcoming point-and-click horror adventure. With a script written by Ruggero Deodato himself, the game is as spiritual as a successor gets before becoming a sequel. 

A new trailer released earlier this week gives us an idea of what to expect. And unexpectedly, Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare does not seem to take place in a jungle, at least now how one might expect. “Cannibals only exist in one place now, the cities.” This new iteration shows some back and forth parallels between the jungles of presumably Borneo and urban environments. There could be some kind of paranormal stuff going on. 

Little is known about the story thus far. We know that, much like the source material, Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare involves some less-than-ethical journalism. But this time, it’s specifically for fellow horror website Bloody Disgusting, which exists within the game’s universe. You play as the owner or founder of Bloody Disgusting, who is introduced to a character that claims to have footage of cannibalism. As the Steam description reads: 

“Reconstruct the events of the expedition in Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare: shed light on the terrible secrets that reside in its deep jungle as you try to save yourself from the vivid nightmare you will experience.”

It is unknown to what extent Bloody Disgusting has in regards to the game’s development. Right now we are unsure if they are acting as a producer for Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare or simply lending the name. Either way, BD is a great idea for driving the game’s narrative. Similar to the original movie but situated for the internet age. 

You can wishlist Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare on Steam by clicking here

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