Castle Morihisa Brings Tactical Deckbuilding in 2022

Castle Morihisa will dole out tactical roguelike deckbuilding in early 2022. Combining the aesthetics of dark fantasy and feudal Japan, look for it soon on the Nintendo Switch and Steam. If you can’t wait, you can grab a demo right now. Thermite Games also released a trailer on their YouTube channel to help you get a feel for the game.

With four different classes to choose from and over 300 cards to use, Play as the Monk, Samurai, Onmyoji, or the Ninja, each with their unique cards and strategies. Castle Morihisa will let you build all sorts of devious combos to trap your enemies. Combat Yōkai straight from Japanese folklore as you journey across a more fantastic feudal-era Japan. Unlock new cards as you go to take on deadly bosses and discover the truth behind Castle Morihisa’s silence. After each battle, you can earn coins to build a better and better deck. Each run is something different as you trek across the Ukiyo-e art-inspired world map.

Castle Morihisa Onmyoji Talents
The Onmyoji is one of four available classes in Castle Morihisa.

The people say the silence is because of a military decree from the shogunate, but rumors suggest the castle’s lord seeks to usurp the throne. As a trusted spy, you’ll need to gather information and report back to the shogunate.

Castle Morihisa gracefully combines the challenge of tactical deckbuilders, roguelike mechanics, and Japanese folklore into a highly replayable package. With multiple characters, skill systems, and cards to learn and master, Castle Morihisa will challenge players on PC and Switch when it launches early next year!”

Zhenghang Cai, Game Producer, Smokingbear Studios

Publisher Thermite Games, based in Beijing, boasts a number of industry veterans. Founded in 2020, they specialize in bringing indie games and premium content to players worldwide. In addition to Castle Morihisa, the studio has published titles such as Sophia the Traveler and Tales of the Neon Sea.