DAYMARE: 1998 Gets Its Own Mercenaries Mode

Daymare: 1998 has been making some decent waves in the hardcore horror communities. Created by Invader Studios, Daymare is so charmingly indie I can’t help but love it. The team was originally making the Resident Evil 2 Reborn fan game before Capcom politely but firmly demanded they cease and desist. Instead of packing up shop and moving on, they decided they would make their own Resident Evil game! But theirs would have barfing zombies and… actually pretty much everything else about the game is pure Resident Evil. It’s got an evil bioweapon company behind all the chaos, a town under the control of said biotech company, melodramatic writing, cheesy voice acting, an overpowered shotgun, etc. The only thing it’s missing is a mode that lets you kill zombies as fast as you can to race for a high score.

Well hey, look at that! Now Daymare: 1998 has that too. Called “H.A.D.E.S. Dead End,” the mode challenges you to shoot as many zombies as you can as quickly as possible. You’ll play as Liev, who you’ll remember is the first of three main characters in the Daymare story. Your task is to do an action on three things (retrieve/destroy) and get out. Killing zombies in rapid succession takes time off your timer, and the highest score gets a million billion wizard bucks. Or maybe a new gun. I don’t know, the biggest departure from Resident Evil is that Daymare didn’t have unlockable infinite ammo rocket launchers or laser cannons. I guess when you’re an indie studio, you can’t afford to design an entire weapon just to lock it behind a secret objective.

Now does this DLC have some kind of story that relates to that incident Liev keeps talking about? No idea. But it does let you shoot more zombies. Daymare: 1998 had pretty solid combat, so it’ll be fun to play a mode where you can just blast around and not worry about saving your ammo. The update is free and comes with some bug fixes. So what more could you want? The game is also 30% off right now, so head over to the Steam Store and give it a shot. The game is also in development for PS4 and Xbox One, but no word yet on a release date. So check it out, and look for our review coming soon!

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