Dying Light 2 Receives New Trailer, December Release Date

AAA developer Techland announced a release date for upcoming Dying Light 2. The sequel to the zombie-slaying parkour experience.

Players take control of Aiden, a man who journeys to a city standing as perhaps the last bastion of humanity. He meets the Nightrunners, a group of experienced, veteran survivors. Fifteen years after the apocalypse, things have changed. Civilization as we knew it fell, with a new one rising to replace it. Three factions compete for control: the adaptable Survivors, the law-and-order Keepers, and Renegades, a group of ex-prisoners. Aiden’s actions in Dying LIght 2 can change the power dynamics and shape the future of the city and, by extension, humanity. Each faction provides different rewards and tools to Aiden for his assistance. When chemicals soaked into the groundwater in an attempt to stop the Harran virus, the plant life died en masse, leaving the street level as little more than a husk. Life moved up, both to grow food and for safety from the shambling creatures below.

Dying Light 2 Screenshot Combat
The mutant creatures aren’t the only threats you’ll face. Bandits, hungry for resources, will also attempt to waylay you.

Nighttime is dangerous, as more powerful zombies emerge and hunt. UV rays protect the survivors, but anyone else is fair game. Years of mutation and evolution have created dangerous, terrifying creatures. Like in the previous game, in Dying Light 2 Aiden will need to climb up and escape on the rooftops. Nighttime also holds great reward as well, as the empty nests of monsters contain valuable resources for survival. Compared to the original game, one team member commented that it would be more intense, with greater enemy variety and danger.

The rest of the trailer shows Aiden’s acrobatics and the various skills, items, and tricks to acquire. Dying Light 2 will have co-op support for up to four players, just like the original. Dying Light 2 comes to the Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PCs on December 7, 2021. Players can preorder the game now via the official website. There’s also a collector’s edition for the hardcore survivors, including items such as steelbooks, in-game skins, and digital goodies like the soundtrack.

Check out the nearly 8-minute trailer while you’re just hanging around.

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