Fight Crab Is An Upcoming Fighting Game That Is Not At All Kosher

Fighting games tend to stick to the same general molds. The standard Street Fighter style, the 3D side-stepping of Soul Calibur, you know how it goes. It takes a lot for a fighting game to break from this gameplay trend. But a new challenger approaches, and it is certainly not normal in any regard. 

Fight Crab is an upcoming crustacean based fighting game. Reminiscent more of Goat Simulator than Mortal Kombat, the premise of Fight Crab mixes weaponry and wrestling, where two crabs fight to pin the other on its back. It is certainly unlike any other game in the fighting genre. 

In addition to the deadly claws crabs are known for, in Fight Crab all manner of weapons are at your disposal. Not just swords and guns, but literally dozens of odd armaments are featured in the trailer. Bladed polearms, metal chains, lightsabers, Mjolnir, arm drills, rockets, energy blasts. Literally too much to list, not to mention any objects you grab in the arena. 

The various fighting stages shown are interesting too. You may fight other crabs at the dinner table with forks and knives, and you may fight other crabs while both 100 feet tall and towering over a city. There’s a medieval stage, and what appears to be a dojo. And of course, a seafood market. One could already guess that Fight Crab was not trying to be serious, but it was interesting to see that the game does not stick to any one genre.

Fight Crab will be available on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game is not released, but you can purchase an early access version of the game from, which you can find here.

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