Godzilla Can Soon Wreck Your Night Literally and Figuratively With New Godzilla Monopoly and Jenga

Okay, not video games. I know. But seriously, who doesn’t love classic Godzilla movies? The classic rubber monsters stomping on miniatures while scientists struggled ineffectually to ward off their endless advances… only to find the solution was dank kaiju boxing matches all along. Now THAT’S quality cinema. If I had to pick a favorite kaiju, I’d have to go with Gigan. He’s a giant hook monster with a buzzsaw chest and an eye laser. That’s just pure classic Toho glorious nonsense. We could all learn a lesson or two about embracing glorious absurdity. The child within me screams for more gratuitous eye lasers.

To honor the King of Monsters, board game publisher The Op has partnered with Toho International to produce two Godzilla-fied twists on classic games. Coming soon to your endless collection of memorabilia: MONOPOLY®: Godzilla and JENGA®: Godzilla. MONOPOLY®: Godzilla will come with a board featuring locations like Monster Island, Goro’s Workshop, and Kitakami Lake. The hotels and houses have been changed to bases and facilities, and Godzilla also gets his own special Kaiju Credit Currency. You’re not a real king until your face is on the money. The player pieces have also been replaced by six classic kaiju: Godzilla (of course), Mothra, King Ghidorah, Minilla, Mechagodzilla, and Rodan. No Gigan though. 🙁


JENGA®: Godzilla is JENGA, but if you don’t roar like Godzilla and stomp around when the tower falls you double-lose. Those are now the official rules. The tower also features window designs, to help you feel like you are ruining actual Japanese civilians’ homes. You monster.

If you want to pick up these special edition classics, you can do so when they are available this spring. You can order them when ready at the links here and here. MONOPOLY®: Godzilla and JENGA®: Godzilla will be available for $40 and $20 respectively.

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