Sony Bringing Open-World Zombie Game Days Gone to PC This Year

Sony is continuing their trend of bringing titles to PC, and their next pick is their open-world zombie game Days Gone.

This isn’t the first title Sony is bringing to PC, they released Horizon: Zero Dawn on Steam and Epic Games Store last year, and it seems to have done well enough that the trend will continue. In an interview with GQ, one that was really supposed to be about PlayStation VR 2, Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan decided to drop some really interesting tidbits. Namely, that Sony would be doing more PC ports of their games, starting with Days Gone sometime this spring.

If you haven’t played Days Gone before, the game stars a biker that is surviving during the zombie apocalypse. After his wife died, him and his friend are working as mercenaries for other camps, carrying out hard jobs in exchange for parts to keep their motorcycles fixed and their bellies filled. One of the game’s big features came in the form of hoards, groups of zombies that could be hundreds of enemies big, and that you would have to find creative ways to deal with, since a regular rifle isn’t going to help much there.

While the PC version of Days Gone doesn’t have a release date outside of “this spring”, you can buy the game right now on PlayStation 4 or 5.

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