GOHOME Is A Surreal Japanese Ghost Story With A Unique And Terrifying Style

You know what always makes Japanese horror better? Surreality. GOHOME, created by Juyo, an “Ichimatsu doll that makes games, videos, and music,” is a simple indie game about a girl trying to go home. Set in a residential neighbourhood, this girl is beset by all manner of ghosties and ghoulies. 

What makes GOHOME so interesting is the deep lean into the video game aesthetic. Normally developers try and avoid the offputting look of textures that don’t fit, or sprites being stretched. In the case of GOHOME, they use it to their advantage. Enemies look that much more uncanny and grotesque when an amateurish texture is put on them, and it works greatly to the game’s advantage. As far as an indie game goes, this one uses its imperfections as strengths. 

GOHOME was originally a free indie game last year, and recently an expanded version was released on Steam. You can try the free version by downloading the game from here, and you can buy or wishlist the full game on Steam here.

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