Goner Bringing More Dinosaur Survival to Kickstarter Soon

It’s no secret that people like video games where they have to survive from dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are really always popular, or at least have been since Jurassic Park. Recently, Deathground saw quite a bit of success on Kickstarter. Now Goner is hoping to follow suit by bringing a different dinosaur experience to the platform.

The game puts you in the role of Anthony Sunder. After his mother goes missing on a mysterious island, he decides to go there himself and start looking for her. Unfortunately, the island is full of people looking for nothing more than to kill him. Double unfortunately, the island also has dinosaurs. It must be a rather deadly island because the trailer, while it may not show much gameplay, does show Anthony being eaten at least twice, shot to death by arrows, and crashing his motorcycle into a tree. As the trailer puts it: death finds a way.

The developers are hoping to set Goner apart from other dinosaur games by being a story-focused survival horror game. Since there haven’t been too many of those as of late, in fact it feels like the last one was when Dino Crisis 2 came out in 2000, Goner has a pretty good chance to bring something unique. Even better, should the Kickstarter campaign do good enough, the developers are planning to bring the game to VR as well. That’d certainly be an interesting way to play the game.

You can keep an eye on Goner‘s upcoming Kickstarter page here. The game will be hitting the service on August 4th.

  • Darqii
    July 29, 2020

    The game looks great

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