Mundaun Is Terrifyingly Pretty to Look At

I still can’t get over that some video games are created entirely by one person. Such is the case with Mundaun, the horror game that was shown off at IGN’s most recent Summer of Gaming showcase. Not only does the game manage to combine horror and a lovely art style, but it does it all while being the work of only a single human being.

This horror adventure game is set in the alps, specifically in the Mundaun region of Switzerland, as you may expect. You play as a man who travels there after learning that his grandfather has died in a mysterious fire. However, the longer he stays there, the weirder things seem to be, and soon he’s dealing with forces that are pretty clearly beyond human understanding. You’ll do so in adventure game styled gameplay, collecting items and solving puzzles while dodging monsters.

However, more interestingly, is just how Mundaun looks. The entire game gives the impression of being drawn by a pencil. It’s an instantly striking art style, one that brought me into the game world without even having me play the game. It looks amazing, and I almost want to play just to see how later environments will look. Just, you know, I’m scared of the game as well.

Mundaun is set to come out some time in 2021 on PC and consoles. You can toss the game on your Steam wishlist here.

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